Community Development

Strengthening Family Support

  • Social workers assist families who have undergone an unfortunate incident or need some form of family intervention.
  • Various family workshops take place annually to strengthen the family dynamic.
  • Occasionally host children’s parties so the parents of these children do not feel like failures for not being able to provide certain luxuries like easter eggs during Easter and gifts during Christmas season.

Elderly Care

  • The elderly are the backbone of informal settlements because in most cases their children have passed away and they are left with the duty to raise many grandchildren. We value the grandparents and try by all means to show them appreciation and care.
  • Medical interventions for grannies who are extremely sick by transporting them to the nearest clinic or hospital and teaching them how to administer their medication
  • Assist elderly with pension grant applications.
  • Provision of food is a dire need so we teach the grannies gardening skills in order to develop sustainable gardens to feed their families.
  • New homes or renovations are provided for those living in extremely dilapidated homes.
  • Occasionally host a grannies tea to treat these angels of the community.

Poverty Alleviation

  • Distribution of clothing and other essentials to all age groups.
  • Distribution of food hampers to families in need on a monthly basis.

Disaster Relief

  • Both Ezinketheni and Jika Joe informal settlements face unforeseen disasters where we attempt to alleviate the situation by providing temporary shelter, food, and clothing with the assistance of local disaster relief teams.

Animal Welfare

  • The SPCA conducts animal awareness events for our adopted areas to teach the local people how to take care of their dogs.