Early Childhood Education

Ezinketheni area offers no pre-school education for children. MNCP uses the MNCP Life Centre located in the area to provide early childhood education for local children. Volunteer teachers run the Preschool programme for us.

Reading and Book Clubs

A weekly book club takes place at the MNCP Life Centre to promote children ages 6-12 years to read often, and hopefully make it a hobby. This book club is supervised by the volunteer teachers and general volunteers to assist children with growing their English vocabulary.

Lifeskills Programme

A weekly bible study takes place on Sundays to educate children on biblical principles that will assist them in life. In our view, teaching children the Word Of God is giving them a sword for life. We also provide a nutritious meal for each child.

Education and Financial Assistance

School uniforms, shoes, and stationery are provided for children who come from families who truly cannot afford.

Career Guidance and Mentorship

The youth of the areas we service need direction and motivation for their futures. Our career guidance and mentorship programs are designed to motivate an underprivileged child to dream big, believe in themselves, and work hard towards achieving their goals. Target age is 16-18 year old individuals.

Internship/Workplace Experience

Individuals from universities and other higher education institutions are offered workplace experience or an internship for the duration stipulated by their institution. Usually we receive senior student social workers, public relations students, and nurses from oversees but we are open to any student who has an interest in participating in our operations.