Breakfast Clubs

An average of 300 children are fed nutritious porridge every morning in Ezinketheni on week days.

Family Food Hampers

20 of the most vulnerable families in the communities are provided with a food hamper. Different families receive the food hampers on a monthly basis.

Food Giveaways at Events

We host various events for different community members such as Gogo’s who are the backbone of these communities. Over and above a prepared meal administered at the event, we also provide them with food to cook at home for their families.

Trauma Counselling

Play Therapy

We offer our children professional play therapy as a form of trauma counselling to children who require the service. We aim to assist 128 children annually.


We host workshops for children up to the elderly to educate them on HIV/AIDS and TB workshops. The purpose of this is to increase their knowledge and create awareness of these diseases and how to manage them if a family member has contracted it. This is in partnership with healthcare workers.


We host workshops on hygiene for the children and youth as they are the most proactive members of their communities. We hope they will inform and educate their family members. For example we teach the pre-school children the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day and each child goes home with a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste.